A Press ReleaseThe Full Evolution of “Herb & Fish 2016”

Posted on 2016-05-09 by ARKY

09 May 2016, Taipei

To celebrate the volume production of Herb & Fish on the market for one year, ARKY design made a huge decision to promote this product; that is to change the material from fragile glass to the tough one, which was known as “crystal metal”, Polycarbonate (PC).

“My glass tank was broken carelessly when I washed it. Is the glass tank of Herb & Fish sold separately?” After Herb & Fish launched on the market, ARKY design has collected all the user experience to gain more feedbacks and suggestions.


Because of the pursuit of the progress, ARKY Design started the fund raising project for the second generation of Herb & Fish in the U.S. at the end of 2015. The design of the smart version contains multiple functions for the user’s need and the series of improvement based on the first generation. At the beginning of 2016, the main direction of the second generation project has been finalized is to optimize its main body material.


ARKY Design has considered the various factors and made a series material testing.  The more stable material Polycarbonate (PC) was chosen to be the main body material for the second generation of Herb & Fish at the final.


The advantage of Polycarbonate (PC) main body:

  •   Transmittance about 92%
  •   Visual Effect : Less visual distortion effect
  •   Weight : About 510 g
  •   Impact resistance high :10 times resistance of glass material
  •   Insulating efficiency : Great, the temperature of the water can be maintained.
  •   Surface Cleaning : Less algae attached
  •   Safety : Hard to be broken


After the Herb & Fish launched on the market, there are some problems need to be solved, such as safety promotion, weight, algae attached on the tank surface, and so on. Polycarbonate (PC) material is the great solution for Herb & Fish. ARKY Design decided to have the PC material for the main body of Herb & Fish. Please be patient to see more details of the second generation of Herb & Fish with PC tank which will be released soon.

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